30 Minute Training Packages


30 Minute Training: An individualized approach to fitness, designed to provide participants of all fitness levels with a time-efficient, safe, and effective exercise program with an overall knowledge of fitness and how to become and stay healthy! I offer 30 minute training sessions to fit your schedule and budget, as well as group rates for 2 or more.


# Of sessions per week Time per Session Price per Session Total Price Monthly Minimum # of Sessions
1x 30 minutes $40.00 $160 4 months
2x 30 minutes $35.00 $280 4 months
3x 30 minutes $30.00 $360 4 months

All packages pertaining to the Mike Ford Personal Training Program are personally tailored to fit each individual on a case by case basis. To inquire more about this package please start by filling out an assessment here..


After you complete the assessment, we will contact you on the next steps to completing scheduling requirements, thank you Mike Ford.

If you have completed the assessment and have received an approval to move forward, please register or schedule your session here.